Patient Information Leaflet Tool

The tool used in SIPS as the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) is the Department of Health's (2008) “How much is too much?” booklet, this being the standard official public information available at the time of beginning the SIPS programme.

It was used in SIPS without modification except that we added an adhesive label on the final page with contact information of local alcohol treatment agencies relevant to the participating setting with the permission of local agencies. In the CJS setting, it was referred to as the Client Information Leaflet, but the same booklet was used in all three settings in SIPS.

Clinical staff were trained to deliver the PIL with a standard script explaining the nature and purpose of the tool and the reason for providing it. This is to standardise the way in which the tool was delivered and to avoid extending the intervention to resemble a session of brief advice.

As one aim of SIPS was to evaluate the relative benefits of the PIL versus brief advice and brief lifestyle counselling it was important that the interventions were delivered as per the protocol.
The standard script used by clinicians delivering the PIL in the control condition was as follows:
“Thank you for taking part in this project. Your screening test result shows that you’re drinking alcohol above safe levels, which may be harmful to you. This leaflet describes the recommended levels for sensible drinking and the consequences for excessive drinking. Take time to read the leaflet. There are contact details on the back [Indicate where these are] should you need further help or advice.”
When the PIL is issued at the end of Brief Advice as in the Brief Advice condition, the standard script is as follows:
“This leaflet describes what we have just discussed in more detail. Take this away with you and please take the time to read it. There are contact details on the back should you need further help/advice”.
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